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Your hosts

Welcome to 'Les Bouctonnières' in Touraine, Indre et Loire.
Les Bouctonnières is our holiday home that we bought in 2017.
Christian and myself (Lucy) are Bruges natives and work in the IT business.
As Belgians, we are happy to welcome you in Dutch, French, English and German.
Even Spanish is a possibility due to my (Lucy) Chilean roots.

Together we share a lot of occupations, because being idle is nothing for us:
cultivating the vegetable garden, pruning the garden annually,
enjoying a good glass of wine and life à la campagne ...
We were happy to sign up for that.
Moreover, we are both not averse to some solid DYI work,
so we like to do odd jobs and find renovating a pleasant challenge.
It also turns out that we are a good match:
one says how it should be done and the other does it... 

With a healthy passion for France and curious about real estate prices,
we took up the challenge of finding a suitable dream home in 2017,
It was okay for it to need some work! 
The Loire Valley turned out to be the perfect choice,
only 550km from Bruges, good connections both
by train and car (or even by plane) and a region full of character,
history, authenticity, a high historical 'waw' factor
and a part of France where they speak the most beautiful French,
where delicious wines flow, people can still enjoy themselves quietly
and a clock does not exist ...
That is the Loire region!

We are very enthusiastic about this beautiful part of France
and hope that our guests in Les Bouctonnières can enjoy this beautiful part of the Loire,
full of history, charm and delicious surprises both in the glass and on the plate.

We test everything and are happy to advise and assist, without interfering.
Always at your service.

Lucy & Christian

Reserve Today and Enjoy Your Stay

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